Why Choose A Virtual Landline Over Physical Office Telephone?

Aug 5, 2021
Harris Malik

Depending on the direction of the particular business need, the decision to invest in a virtual landline or a physical desk phone may appear complicated. Both the virtual landline and physical desk phones contain differences and similarities that make either desirable.

To start, virtual landline phones contain modernised technological mechanisms to allow for features, applications, and enhancements that physical desk phones cannot offer. For example, virtual landline phones include touch screens, smart device connectivity, call whisper, and call attendant features.

Essentially, virtual landline phones can perform all of the enjoyed features and specials offered by VoIP desk phones.

Another difference between virtual landline phones and desk phones are the numbers. Virtual phone numbers are not exclusive to one particular phone, device, or address, allowing for more flexible and multipurpose use.

Physical phone numbers, however, are tied down to one specific address, device, or phone, and therefore leaving no opportunity for multipurpose use. Both phones, however, provide connectivity services to connect clients to the business. 

Here are several benefits virtual landline phones have over physical desk phones:

1. Flexibility & Portability

As previously stated, virtual landline phone numbers provide more flexibility in that they are not exclusive to one specific address, phone, or device. Virtual landline phones do not require stationary hardware, making it easy to remote work from any location in a mobile manner. 

2. Cost Savings

The virtual landline phone number setup process is more cost-effective than a physical desk phone setup. Desk phone numbers require particular hardware equipment and installation, which can easily cost hundreds of dollars.

Virtual landline phone numbers, however, involve minimal setup costs because devices already owned can be used to manage calls, and the virtual landline phone number is hosted in the cloud. Since the number is hosted in the cloud, maintenance and line rental expenses are eliminated.

3. Quick & Easy Setup

The physical desk phone setup has traditionally required multiple visits from the provider, as well as the installation crew in order to ensure the desk phone is properly assembled and operating correctly. It is not uncommon for physical desk phone setups to take several days. Virtual landline phones, however, can usually be set up within one day, as there are only an interface and minimal training required.

4. Professional Appearance

Virtual landline phone numbers create uniformity among phone numbers. It means that although the call will route several members of a team, each member will be able to professionally address the call individually and as a whole. All team members will be made aware of the call and communications made thereof. Virtual landline phone numbers can also make large groups feel intimate and unified by including all members in all communications. 

5.  No more missed calls

Virtual landline phone numbers provide several options to ensure that calls are not getting missed. The first option is to have the calls diverted to the desk phone, mobile phone, or other devices. The second option is to set multiple virtual extensions to the desired representative for different departments. The third option is to have all lines connected to the designated representative simultaneously ring at the same time. The final option is to have the call auto-forwarded to other team members.

6.  Reliability and Sound Quality

Physical desk phones are not always reliable in that there is a large risk of static noise, connectivity sound barriers, background noise, and dropped calls. Virtual landline phones are consistently reliable in providing quality sound through a strong Internet connection. The digital nature of VoIP makes for extremely reliable communication.

Desk phones are a piece of equipment associated with the traditional office setting. As offices are modernising and becoming more flexible, the business phone must become more flexible to meet the needs of the business. Rather than harbouring the appearance of an incomplete office desk without a physical desk phone, invest in a virtual landline phone.

Virtual landline phones provide many more benefits and features at a considerably lower cost than traditional physical desk phones. 

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