How does Omni Hotline Complement Remote Working?

Aug 5, 2021
Michelle Chin

The Covid-19 pandemic radically shifted the paradigm of work for most of us in Malaysia and all over the globe. Employees are working from home or working remotely in greater numbers and with greater frequency than ever before.

With this shift comes innovation in the tools it takes to get work done. One innovative solution that helped many Malaysian SMEs go digital is Omni Hotline, a virtual business phone solution fit for the office or working remotely.

On-The-Go Business Landline For Remote Work

The first and most striking solution offered by Omni Hotline is the concept of “on-the-go” landlines. Omni Hotline allows employees to answer work calls from anywhere. Employees are no longer tied down to the office desk and limited by the traditional office hours of the nine to five work day.

Instead, using the mobile hotline, employees can receive and answer calls using their smartphones. Particularly for employees in teams such as sales, the nature of their job is always on-the-go. Having a professional landline that can be tied to their smartphones allows them to maintain professionalism while on the road. This is the foundation for the Omni Hotline’s quest to provide emerging technology for our changing times.

Enhance Professionalism Even While Working Online

Omni Hotline allows for continued professionalism unparalleled by other services. Answering work calls may seem like a double-edged sword because callers and receivers are using personal phone numbers, right? Not with Omni Hotline.

The hotline uses official landline numbers for every call made and received, allowing your business to stay professional without having to tie your employees to a physical office space. Employees never have to worry about having their personal phone number exposed. A professional number for all makes business easier and more efficient.

Improved Call Routing

A central hub may seem like the only way to keep your call routing services, but Omni Hotline has taken this component of business into account too. The hotline allows easy transfer of any calls to other devices all hours of the day and for any reason.

If an emergency springs up or you must transfer calls to help your customers find the help they need in an easy and timely manner, you can do so with the Omni Hotline. This can be done easily even when employees are all working from home and customers need to be transferred between remote employees in different locations.

Any device which is connected, and a part of the hotline network can take or transfer calls, meaning your employees are never at a loss for options if an unexpected situation comes up. You can also keep your automated system for customers when they call in with a concern or question for your products or services.

Interactive Virtual Receptionist (IVR)

Call routing isn’t the only convenient feature which comes with the Omni Hotline. There’s also an IVR to help with load management and direct your customers and employees in the direction they need to go when they call in.

When most think of “virtual receptionist” they imagine a metallic voice impersonally sending customers in all directions without regard to their personal needs, but Omni Hotline’s assistant is different.

This assistant offers a personalised touch, gathering information in a natural and interactive way before sending customers off to their correct destination the first time. There is no need for customers to call back or become frustrated with the lack of a human.

Virtual Extensions

Setting up and managing extensions can be a difficult and needlessly complicated process. Omni Hotline makes it easy however, ensuring your company never misses an important phone call again. Each employee can be set up with their own virtual extension which makes it simple for interested parties to get in touch with them.

A single phone number is all you need to distribute calls to your employees and manage communications in a streamlined and effective manner. The process is easy to set up and needs only be set up once. After the first day, the extensions are permanent – though adjustable – and easy to remember, making for a simplified workflow.

Final Thought

The world is changing, especially with the changing needs to adapt to the pandemic. If your company wants to move with the time and adapt to ever-flowing circumstances, it’s time to understand the paradigm and confront it head on.

Omni Hotline is the best tool to make your employees’ remote work experience simple and hassle free, because it allows them to be mobile and flexible while maintaining simplicity and professionalism. If you’re looking for a virtual office landline system, looking no further Omni Hotline.