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Get business numbers without the cost.

Get prefixes such as 03, 04, 05 or 07 numbers for your business and start making/receiving calls anytime, anywhere.

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Own a cloud-based business phone number

Receive business calls from your customers on-the-go
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A portable fixed line number

Select your preferred prefixes and browse through our library of fixed line numbers.

No contracts, just a fixed monthly subscription

Say goodbye to setup fees, line rentals, contracts and service costs - subscribe to us at a monthly fix cost and cancel anytime.

No hardware or software needed

No hassle of installation, clunky hardware, complex software and need for any service calls.

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No more deskphones - own a landline on your smartphone

Forget the traditional keyphone, all you need is the Omni mobile application to make/answer office calls on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Your own virtual receptionist

Greet your customers with a virtual receptionist or pre-recorded message. The calls can then be routed to your team's extension or mobile.

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Automated voicemail transcription

Automated voicemail-to-text transcription

Missed a call? If a customer left you a voicemail, Omni will capture it and transcribe into text so you can read and respond on the go.

For all business types

Every business needs a fixed line number, and Omni makes it easy for you manage your team, calls, numbers and control your preferences, all with a dashboard and mobile app.
Telecommunication & network
Professional services
Professional services & consultancy
Transport services
Transport & logistics center
general sales & service
General sales and service center
Information technology
Information technology
Legal & compliance services
Legal and compliance services
F&B industry
Food and beverage & hospitality
Omni for business
Get Omni for your business

Finally, a proper business phone system for you. Manage all your calls easily, minus the cost and focus on what matters most.

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Highly affordable pricing, with no contract or deposits. Cancel at any time.

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