5 Ways Call Recordings Can Help Your Business

Aug 5, 2021
Harris Malik

Recording the calls that come into your business may seem like an odd idea at first, but there are several good reasons for doing so. First of all, it may be an industry standard you're expected to follow. Other than that, recorded calls can leave a paper trail that can be used to defend your business in the case of a lawsuit. Recorded phone calls also provide lots of easily accessible data that can be used to improve marketing. Data such as frequently asked questions, customer feedback, or customer preferences can be incredibly useful for your business.

So, what are some of the ways call recordings can help your business? We've gathered 5 very concrete ways call recordings can help your business thrive and grow:

1. Identify Problem Areas

When calls are recorded and listened to after the fact, certain things will seem painfully obvious. It may, for instance, be very clear that your business representative got caught up in talking, without ever letting the client get in enough talking time to ask their questions. Or you may notice that your business rep doesn't move the conversation away from competitors’ products and back to yours. Either way, hearing every word that your agents say to their clients is a great opportunity to improve on what isn't working and having concrete examples to back up the claim.

2. Maintain Quality Assurance

When you record your phone calls you can later go through them and make sure that your customer representatives are polite, friendly, and helping your customer get the most out of their relationship with your company. You can rate the general client satisfaction level as well as the level of support delivered by your agent.

If you receive a complaint about the customer service or lack thereof, a customer received, you can easily go back to the call-in question, listen to the call, and be much better prepared to solve the issue.

3. Provide Team with Valuable Feedback

For the team, getting feedback on their performance is vital if they are to improve in their roles. Little adjustments or key phrases can make a big difference in closing a deal, and issues like talking too fast, or forgetting to schedule a follow-up are easy to pick up on from a recording. You can have agents and managers go through the calls together so that they can discuss the good and the bad parts together in detail. For agents who struggle with customer calls, listening back to an old call might be a good way to learn when and how things go wrong. They could also listen to a call by a more experienced agent to pick up tips.

4. Recover Overlooked or Missed Details

Going through recorded phone calls can be very helpful in instances where there are disputes about what was promised in a call. Instead of having to guess as to what the misunderstanding may have been, you can pull up the conversation and hopefully have a better idea of where things went wrong.

5. Improve Marketing Campaigns

Recorded calls can also give invaluable insight into customer habits and feedback. Such as the number of customers complaining about the price of a certain product or suggesting new products they wish they had. Hearing the feedback, you will have an opportunity to make your products fit your customers even better.

You can also pull information like how a client responds to certain phrases or communications from recorded calls. Taking note of these things can be useful when you, later on, want to modify the script your agents use while on the phone.

Get Started Recording Your Calls

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