6 Ways Your Small Business Can Look Big

Aug 5, 2021
Michelle Chin

Your small business might be a lean and efficient machine, but there’s no need to look small in the eyes of your clients. A business of any size can make a big impact with today’s modern technology. Explore six ways to give your small business a professional appearance, including developing a curated web presence, leveraging a creative team, and maintaining a professional landline number. 

1. Look Legitimate with a Modern Website

Every company needs a website in today’s digital landscape. If your website looks outdated, or worse, doesn’t exist, you’ll lose leads and prospective clients. Luckily, modern website platforms make it easy to go online. You can easily create your own free site through WordPress, or turn to Wix to make a robust, drag-and-drop page.

2. Maintain a Comprehensive Social Media Presence

Your customers and clients spend hours on social media everyday. Reach out to your community with a new approach through a comprehensive social media plan. Your business should have an account on all the major social media platforms. Update and share posts from your accounts on a regular basis.There are many simple, free social media planners that allow you to schedule content ahead of time, making it easy to build a following.

3. List Your Company on Google My Business

Make sure it’s easy for clients to find you, even if your services are digital. List your company on Google My Business, which builds the list of locations shown on Google Maps. Having an official map listing gives your company an instant sense of professionalism. In addition, Google My Business also allows you to collect user reviews, showcase pictures, and post updates about your company. 

4. Work With a Creative Team for Design and Copywriting 

As a small business, you might not have the resources for in-house creative work such as design, copywriting, and web development.Instead, you can work with an unlimited creative agency to delegate these tasks to experienced creatives. Flocksy is a great source of high-quality content at affordable prices. You’ll save time and stress by letting experts handle your creative tasks. 

5. Use a Proper Company Email

Email is a vital part of today’s business landscape, so make sure your email address portrays a professional image. Even if you’ve used the same personal email for decades, your business address should incorporate your company branding. Google Workspace is a simple way to obtain and use a corporate email address. Since this service builds on the familiar Gmail platform, Google Workspace is full of features and is easy to use. 

6. Establish a Professional Landline Number

Customers and clients need to be able to reach you. Make sure your small business is always available to chat with a professional landline number. Omni Hotline offers a virtual receptionist, so every call is answered with care. You can make the most of every conversation with call recording, routing, custom menus, and more. Omni Hotline is also simple for your employees to operate, allowing everyone to streamline workflow by using their smartphones for business purposes.

Size is a Mindset

No matter the size of your company, you can still excel in your industry when you think big. Today’s market is full of amazing tools to help you leverage every opportunity. Make the most of these services and platforms and you’ll deliver full-size customer service to all of your clients.