5 Features To Look For In A VoIP Service For Your Business

Aug 5, 2021
Harris Malik

Having a full-service phone system for your business will help increase sales, profits, and productivity. But landlines are no longer the only option for a business phone system.

With the advent of voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, you can get all the benefits of a traditional phone system, but with better flexibility and at a much lower cost. There are several providers of VoIP calling out there, here are 5 features you should look for as you do your research on different companies. 

1.    Stable and Crystal Clear Calls

Being able to make calls that don't drop, and that transfers voice clearly is something that has long belonged to landlines. Thankfully, technology has come far enough in the last few years that VoIP calls can be every bit as crystal clear as the old hardwired phones. Good broadband coverage has also become more wide-spread in Malaysia than it was just a few years ago.

Since call quality can have a lot to do with the broadband speed, you should check the VoIP speed before you settle on a VoIP provider. The best companies to choose are the ones that have their own infrastructure that provides the same speed and voice clarity as traditional phones, if not better. 

2.    Good Customer Service & Maintenance

You're going to want to look for a VoIP provider that has excellent customer service and maintenance services. As with everything else in business, there will be issues at some point, and you will need assistance from customer service. Look for a company that offers 24/7 customer service so that you will have access to help and troubleshooting whenever you need it. Also, make sure that the company you choose employs customer service representatives who speak your native language.

3.    Affordable Plans

It's also a good idea to look for a provider whose plans are affordable. Setting up VoIP services should not be a large expense at all. After all, one of the benefits of the VoIP service over the traditional landline is exactly that it is so much cheaper. 

4.    Customisable Plans

Additionally, look for a service that offers customisable plans. You should be able to use a local number, an 800 number, or any other kind of number you want with your system. You should also be able to pick the number the customer sees, as well as assign different numbers to the different devices you will use with your business. 

5.    Mobile App Availability

If you want to be available also when you're on the go, it's important to choose a company that offers a mobile app with their services. If it's something you want, you can also look for one that will let you use a softphone on your tablet or laptop or even classic headsets.  

Omni Hotline as the VOIP Service for your business

Do you want to add a VoIP service for your business, but you're not sure where you'll find a company that covers all the points above? You'll be happy to know that Omni Hotline offers excellent maintenance and customer service and even comes with its own mobile app. They are also affordable and offer both customisable plans, and crystal-clear calls.

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