8 Ways to Reward Your Remote Employees

Aug 5, 2021
Harris Malik

Traditional company culture has always been tied to the satisfaction of working in a physical environment. However, today’s new normal has led to most people working remotely. This comes with a lot of challenges as team members try to adapt while striving to maintain productivity. 

If you are a business owner or manager, it's time for you to think about how you can support and recognise each member of your remote team. Keep reading. 

Why Is Remote Employee Recognition Important?

Remote working might continue since 82% of businesses claimed that it has been successful during the lockdown and it opened more doors to recruit team members even outside the country. As these changes take place, leaders should also consider possible incentives that can be offered to remote employees and top ways to ensure long-term productivity. 

It’s no secret that every personnel loves to be recognised for their efforts. Yet, it’s also important to assess your approach since not all employees want to receive the same recognition you give to someone else. Individual differences will always exist and you need to take note of those.

To help you, here are some of the best ways to reward your remote employees.

1. Workspace allowance

In a home office environment, you need to consider that not all employees have the budget to set-up an ideal working space. There are some team members who don't have enough resources to create a comfortable workstation. 

You can assist them because a pleasant working space can give them comfort and help them become more focused on a task. Workspace allowance would mean a lot to your team members since some of them have no option and they will probably just settle for anything they have. 

You can provide them with chairs, desks, or artificial lighting to upgrade their home office. Don't ever think of it as a waste of money - think of it as a traditional office space. Wouldn’t you invest in the same equipment to ensure that work happens? 

2. Technology support

One of the ways to empower a remote workforce is to offer resources that support growth. The tools that your employees use while working from home can make a big difference in their perspective of job satisfaction. If your remote employees need to get a lot of work done, it can mean one thing - they need an extra monitor, tablet, laptop upgrade, or a new application. 

You can offer them an annual technology allowance or you can let them tell you what they need to work more efficiently. This is also one way of recognising their efforts. At least your team members would feel that you value them and it gives them the confidence that you take their contribution to your company seriously.

This may be a small gesture of rewarding your employees, but it can be very beneficial to both of you. You provide them the tools they need to work at ease, and in return, they give you more results.

3.  Health benefits

Health benefits are in everyone's interest. It is one of the simplest yet most enticing ways to reward your remote employees. Aside from that, you can also attract more team members to work with you for the long term. 

Health insurance might sound boring but it is valued by most people especially for those who have families and loved ones who rely on them. If you cannot afford to give one, you can alternatively provide them a gym membership in their area or pay for their yoga classes. 

You can also provide them with meditation courses, or simply send new running shoes that they can use in their exercise routine. These simple gestures put a smile on their faces and at the same time, they can be beneficial for helping them stay active and productive.

4.  Build a community

Building a community allows everyone in your team to stay connected. It is one way of expressing your interest in your remote employees' lives outside of work. This is a great chance to build up your relationship and to have a good foundation as a team. 

Consider the following ideas: 

A. Team building event

As an employer, you can run an annual event for your remote employees. It might be a bit different from the usual retreat that team members do but this will also be appealing. 

Since some of your employees live in different countries, it will be difficult to gather all of them. A virtual social gathering would be a great alternative. Play virtual games, do karaoke, share pictures, and allow everyone to talk about their personal lives. These activities will help you to discover everyone's interests.

B. Go beyond email

It is your responsibility to maintain a good connection in your team. Instead of simply exchanging emails, why not do a video conference session to check on them? Ask about their wins and obstacles in their workloads. Just hear how they are doing.

C. Positive recognition

You need to be proactive in recognising your employees' works and talents accordingly. You might want to try creating a wall of fame or peer-to-peer recognition. 

Appreciating their achievements is a huge motivation booster and it can be their source of encouragement to keep on providing quality service to your company. 

Everyone wants to be praised since it gives us a sense of fulfilment. And also, positive recognition from your employer and your peers can build strong work relationships.

D. Provide feedback

Provide timely feedback to your employees and don't forget to be transparent. Honest feedback and transparency will help you achieve your company's goals. 

It will be a great help for your remote employees to identify which specific areas they need to improve on. This will result in a positive impact on your business and on your employees' personal and professional development.

E. Provide a personal touch

Providing a thoughtful act in this era of virtual technology is simply awesome. You may want to try sending a short thank you letter to your employees' mail. 

This will show them that you have invested your time in acknowledging their efforts and it can make a huge impact as they go along their way. 

Take note that to have a successful run in your business, there should be a caring culture in the team.

5. Offer learning opportunities

Learning is an active process and most people want to develop and expand their skills in another area. Offering learning opportunities for your remote employees will be beneficial not just for them but also for your business. A skilled worker can contribute a lot to meeting company's goals. You can provide courses to your team that they can access for free or at a discounted price. 

Nowadays, there’s a lot of online training courses, so why don’t you take advantage of them? In this reward system, you do not just simply support them mentally but you also help them develop their confidence. This will also show them that your company values continued learning and growth which is essential to any individual.

6. Know Your Employees, Be Flexible

One of the best rewards remote employees could get is when their employer grants them autonomy. This will show them your act of grace and flexibility. Such reward focuses on individual differences. While you have a way of doing things, this may not be the same with your team members. Allowing them to share and practice their strategies might be helpful and rewarding to both of you. 

This will let your remote employees feel that you do consider their decisions. The most important thing is that it leads to the achievement of your goals. If you can offer a varied work schedule, it would be great. But to do that, you should know your employees well or you might end up causing them trouble instead of making them feel fulfilled in their jobs. 

For example, if you'll let one of your employees start working at noontime but the employee is an early bird - that would be a mistake. 

7. Embrace diversity

Each member of your team is unique. We all live in different places, have different ages, and with different ethnic backgrounds. It's highly recommended to spend time educating yourself on various cultures, traditions, and holidays that might be meaningful to them.

You can start to know them during their onboarding process and continue to know them more whenever you have the time to speak casually to your team members. This will create a friendly working environment. It’s a gesture that shows that you respect and recognise them individually.

8. Give Timely Special Treats

Doesn’t it make you happy to receive a special treat from an employer? It can be a voucher for an online store, massage, or facial treatment. You may also try out sending a home service to your employees’ house to boost their well-being despite their busy schedule. Or, you could try sending them deliveries such as cake, pizza, or a bucket of chicken.

Rewarding your employees is essential. Because without their service, you cannot achieve your company’s goal. Your remote workforce contributes to your success more than you realise. 

In this dynamic environment, let them feel that you care for them. Simple recognition can nurture and grow your connection. The strategies above are just some of the ways that drive loyalty and productivity.

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