Why Local Landline Numbers are still Important in 2021

Aug 5, 2021
Michelle Chin

As digitalisation across the world grows, the ability to order products and services and communicate with businesses quickly is not only important, but expected. 

Online communication through email and bots can be a good solution, but customers can find those means frustrating and impersonal, and instead choose to call if they want to talk to a real person to solve their issues immediately.

Why Your Need A Local Landline Number

About 94% of users needed to call a business after searching for it on their phones and this number makes it clear that a business phone number is still required to thrive.

However, a lot of business owners end up using their personal phone numbers for work and although this may seem convenient and affordable, it isn’t suitable for the long run.

Your personal number should not be mixed up with your business phone number, for many reasons, one of those being inefficiency. Instead of carrying two phones with different numbers or having to stand by your office desk phone, now with digital tools such as Omni Hotline you can opt for a virtual phone number that has a landline prefix.

With the new addition of local landline number prefixes for every state, your business can now give a friendly neighbourhood small business feeling. This enhances follow-ups and leads and if your main focus involves setting up a good customer base locally, a local landline number works wonders. In addition, it also maximises the chances of your business showing up in phone books and local online searches.

If you’re new to Omni, it is an enterprise-level virtual phone system which allows you to set up your very own call-centre with a local landline number from as low as RM69/month. When a customer calls the number, they will be greeted by a customisable virtual receptionist that comes with menu options (e.g. press 1 for sales, press 2 for technical assistance, etc).

Calls can be directed to different team members according to the enquiry and there’s also the option to ring multiple extensions for the team so that no calls will be missed. If customers leave a voicemail, Omni can transcribe the message and have it emailed to you.

Since Omni is cloud-based, there’s no hardware required and everything is managed via a web dashboard or through the Omni app. For more info, you can check out Omni’s website omnihotline.my