How to Create Effective Customer Caller Greetings

Jul 16, 2021
Harris Malik

Businesses today operate at the speed oflight, but there is still a crucial need to ensure that their customers feel appreciated. There are many ways to make this happen, but the most effective methods centre around caller greetings. In simple terms, your business should set up an automated system which makes the customer feel welcome — while performing essential functions.

This hotline can greet them, act as awaiting message and even describe your products without too much hassle for anyone involved. For example, Omni Hotline, Digi’s virtual business phone system, makes a great Interactive Virtual Receptionist that will put your customers at ease with every call. Here are a couple of pointers to creating effective customer caller greetings.

Directing to Departments

The first major function of any great automated hotline is to direct customers to one of several different departments. This greeting should be clear and concise without sounding robotic(or condescending, of course).

For example, your script for such a function should go a little like this:

“Hello! Thank you for calling [insert company]. If you know the extension of the department you would like to reach, you may dial it at any time. Otherwise please choose from the following options. For customer support, press 1. For sales, press 2. For human resources, press 3…”

This greeting is direct and streamlined, while being clear and concise.

Greetings for Products

Customers might not always love the product they purchase from your company, or they may simply have a couple of questions about their new purchase. Either way, you need an automated calling system that will direct them to the appropriate department, or even PIC, in a timely and efficient manner.

You can use this script as a template:

“Hello! Thank you for calling [insert company name]. If you know the extension you would like to reach, you may dial it at any time. Please listen to the following options and select the option that works for you. For pricing information, press 1. For questions regarding a product you’ve purchased, press 2. For details regarding our catalog, press 3…”

This message directs their attention, while keeping your customers engaged with your product and branding.

A Waiting Message

Lines will inevitably be busy (particularly for a successful business) — but customers should never hear dead silence or simple waiting music. A robust waiting message will ease their mind and make them feel appreciated even as they wait to hear from a human representative.

For example, “All of our agents are busy at the moment, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible,” is a great message to hear while waiting on the phone.

After Business Hours

There’s a bevy of information you can communicate to your customers using an automated calling system, but one of the simplest and most crucial is after hours information. You can inform customers about operating hours, while providing assistance with an additional message:

“Thank you for calling [insert company]. You’ve reached us outside of our usual business hours. Please leave a message after the beep, or contact us between [insert times]. Thank you and have a nice day!”

The Bottom Line

Interactive Virtual Receptionists like OmniHotline will make your customers feel appreciated, and can be customised in a number of different ways according to your needs. There are dozens of scenarios which can be programmed in to help callers whenever they call with questions or concerns.