8 Reasons VoIP Is Perfect For Your Small Business In 2021

Aug 5, 2021
Nahulan Sreethararaj

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean your phone system has to be. In fact, you might find that you enjoy greater productivity and increased sales with a full-featured phone system — and that means more profits. That said, we admit that bloated landline systems are not the best option.

The future is in digital telephony, more commonly called VoIP (it stands for voice over Internet Protocol). This internet-powered service offers better flexibility and lower costs than a traditional phone system, yet keeps all the benefits. (Yes, it’s possible!) That makes it perfect for small businesses.

Here are 8 things to love about VoIP and its many benefits for your small business, from its ultra-customisability to its appeal for remote teams.

1. It’s easy to set up

Because VoIP is based on online servers, it’s simple to sign up for the service and get rolling almost instantly — no costly PBX equipment set up necessary. You can use your existing smartphone for a new business line almost instantly.

2. It’s dirt cheap

VoIP is notoriously cheap. With a little fine-tuning, you can leverage your existing Internet Service Provider to make and receive calls from anywhere, and even transfer callers or host conference calls.

3. It works on any device

You can use your smartphone if you’re on-the-go a lot, but if you prefer classic headsets, those can work with VoIP as well. You can even install a “softphone” on your computer or tablet and simply handle all your calls that way! You can also easily transfer calls among devices.

4. It keeps your team and customers in contact

VoIP is an excellent investment for remote teams, because you can configure calls to automatically go to their chosen device. You can even have calls forwarded to multiple extensions to ensure that someone can answer, and some systems can automatically route calls to your coworker when you’re occupied.

5. It’s multi-functional

Because they’re digital, VoIP systems can integrate instant messaging, videoconferencing, and other means of communication. You can even have voicemails transcribed and sent right to your email, making your overall business communications as streamlined as possible. Plus, you can record calls and download them for reference, which is ideal for managing client cases and providing excellent customer service.

6. It’s secure

VoIP systems are typically encrypted for enhanced security. This helps prevent hackers from accessing your communications and allows you to guarantee secure calls with your clients, if applicable.

7. It’s customisable

You can use 800 numbers, local numbers, or any type of number with your system, and you can fully customise which number shows to customers. Plus, you can assign numbers to specific devices in the network.

8. It’s automated

With VoIP, it’s really easy to add automated assistance, such as after-hours messaging, hours listings, and general announcements. Your callers can get menu options to immediately connect with the appropriate person or department. This feature also helps you avoid having to assign anyone to be an operator or receptionist. In fact, some providers even offer a virtual receptionist as part of the package!

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