Importance of Business Phone Calls During COVID-19

Aug 5, 2021
Harris Malik

COVID-19 has transformed the way businesses operate. The pandemic has accelerated digitalisation for all businesses on a global scale. As lockdowns and work from home orders were initiated worldwide, most businesses had to shift to operating online while employees had to start working remotely.

Digital communication is more important than ever before, and that includes business phone calls. According to Google, 70% of mobile searchers say they regularly call a business from a mobile search ad. This shows the relevance of business phone calls for any businesses with an online presence. 

Here are reasons why business phone calls are crucial during COVID-19. 

1. Human interaction is making a comeback 

Chatbots, FAQs and information available online may not be too helpful for customers as they can be impersonal. During these unprecedented times, nothing beats the experience of customers getting to speak to a real person and have their questions or requests heard. 

Human connection also brings joy and care to the business calls as people are stuck at home. This personalised service will ensure a better customer experience for your business to thrive.

2. Answering important inquiries 

Online transactions have also been on the rise during the pandemic and continue to increase as people feel more comfortable about making purchases digitally. With the virus still at bay, customers may be uncomfortable visiting a physical store too. Customers today are also more price sensitive as their income may have been affected by the pandemic. 

Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to provide accurate, up-to-date information for their products and services to reduce ambiguity and encourage faster conversions. As business phone calls are gaining popularity, not being able to pick up a prospect’s incoming call to answer important inquiries might jeopardise your business as you lose the opportunity to retain customers or close new deals!

3. Timely customer support 

If someone is calling a business these days, they have an urgent need. These needs include inquiries on new regulations, for example rescheduling appointments due to new government restrictions. Slow responses will affect customer loyalty as they are more easily frustrated in such times. 

A knowledgeable, helpful human connection on the other end of the line is extremely valuable to help customers solve urgent issues. Businesses that understand and provide these needs will foster more trust, at a time when it is valued most.

4. It supplements your online presence

Many businesses have taken their presence online during COVID-19 but may not have put the same effort in bringing their phone calls with them too. 88% of consumers who do a local search will visit or call a store within 24 hours. This is why business phone calls are still crucial even if you now run your business digitally.

In fact, today, customers have more reasons to call a business. Cautious customers call a business before leaving home to learn about the standard operating procedures that the business practices to ensure their own safety. For those purchasing goods online, it may be to understand the product better as they may not be able to visit a physical store to browse. 

5. Quick and effective 

It is usually quicker and easier for one to just pick up their phone and make a phone call. As compared to video calls or texts, phone calls ensure that communication is clear and not misunderstood. When customers have urgent needs, a phone call is the ultimate tool for them to receive instantaneous support. 

The Perfect Tool For Your Business Needs

Omni Hotline is designed to improve customer satisfaction for all businesses. The virtual business landline system ensures incoming and outgoing calls are managed with ease and guarantees that customers will never experience ignored calls or messages. This is crucial for any businesses that are establishing an online presence. Never lose a customer anymore. 

On top of its multitude features that a physical landline doesn’t have, Omni Hotline provides a professional communication system to build good relationships between customers and businesses. 

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