7 Crucial Digitalisation Steps Malaysian Businesses Must Take

Aug 5, 2021
Harris Malik

Business workplace digitalisation is the process in which a business workspace transforms its data, business dealings, procedures, and operations from traditional to a digital or paperless setting. 

An increasing number of companies are undergoing digital transformation not only so that employees can better maintain, organise, and access data, but also to remain competitive with other competing businesses. 

Businesses that undergo digital transformation should expect to reap many internal company benefits after completing the digitalisation transformation. One key benefit is tremendous savings on time and storage expenses.

When business documents are uploaded to a digital platform, the need for large office storage space, office storage supplies, and tasks associated with physical document management (printing, filing, etc.) are eliminated. 

Without many of these important yet extremely tedious and time-consuming tasks removed, more employees are able to place their sole focus on their role in expanding the business, resulting in heightened productivity performance. Finally, the condition of the document is better protected from damage (spills, tears, etc.) and more secure in a digital storage platform.

Many Malaysian businesses are digitalising their business operations by following several steps as the digital transformation process:

1. Identify weaknesses & opportunities within business processes.

Identifying areas where there is opportunity for improvement helps navigate the focus or goals of the various digital platforms that are going to ultimately work together to improve the business. 

2. Researching for the right digital solutions

Seeking guidance and researching for the best and most economical solution that is best equipped to meet the need of the business. Before committing to any technology systems, it is important to first ensure that its properties and features align with the specific needs of the business.

3. Set Digital Protocols 

Implementing an unprecedented digital procedure in a business requires new protocol and policies so that all employees are clear as to which best practices to adhere to. In developing digital protocol, business owners should answer the following question: “How does the digitisation impact the business right now?”

4. Use Digital Tools 

Digital platforms are most compatible with its correlating digital tools. Using these tools will help the digital platforms run smoothly and help improve user friendliness. 

5. Utilise the right talent to operate technologies to their fullest potential

Digital technology platforms should be operated by employees who are eager to not only learn the platforms, but also who are proactive in learning as to how to maximise the full potential of the digital platforms.

6. Train employees to adopt digitalisation

In order to optimise productivity on the digital platforms, all employees must be thoroughly trained on the programs to be implemented into the business. Most digital platforms provide multiple sources of educational training on how to navigate them.

7. Feedback & Monitor 

It is obviously going to take time and trial error to see which digital platforms work best for the employees and the company. Encourage all team members to provide their feedback on the various programs as owners and management monitors productivity and user-friendliness. 

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