7 Pitfalls When Using Your Personal Mobile Number for Your Business

Aug 5, 2021

Whether you are a startup or a small to mid-sized business, you should already know that communication channels are key to increasing your network. When dealing with suppliers, clients or partners, you need to be available 24/7 and the best way to get things organised quickly without misunderstanding is via a phone call. Plus, it is more personal compared to just an email.

But a lot of business owners end up using their personal mobile numbers for work and although this may seem convenient and affordable, it isn’t suitable for the long run.

Your personal number should not be mixed up with your business phone number, for many reasons, one of those being inefficiency. Instead of carrying two phones with different numbers or having to stand by your office desk phone, you can opt for a virtual phone number!

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't be using your personal number as your business phone number.

1. Over exposed and vulnerable to threats when using personal mobile numbers

The age of the internet has brought with it a new era of hackers, scammers, pranksters and harmful agents who are out to get your personal information or sabotage your business.

If you’re going to be using your personal phone number for business purposes then you can be sure that you are over exposing yourself. And it's not just you. Multinationals like Apple and Android have also been attacked severely over the years. Millions of people’s information is at stake every single day.

So when you are aware of the fact that the risk of advertising your personal number is so high, it is only sensible that you opt for a business phone number that will separate your personal life from work.

Not only will this reduce the chances of getting hacked but it will also preserve your personal data in a convenient way.

You could also choose to subscribe to a business like Omni. When your subscribe to Omni, only your business numbers are advertised. Hackers who gain access to this number will be unable to breach the company’s systems that are well equipped to deal with such problems.  

2. Robocalls can’t be avoided

If you’re going to be using your personal phone for work purposes then you have to deal with continuous automated calls. This isn’t uncommon for normal users. Consumer reports state that around 3 calls out of 10 in the U.S consist of pre-recorded advertisements.

The FCC and the FTC keep receiving complaints about robocalls. Live marketing calls are also quite annoying. Not only does this affect a person’s quality of life in general but it also acts as a tool for frauds and scams.

3. Telemarketing scams are widespread

In the U.S, telemarketing scams are estimated to be at an approximate of $350 million per annum. The scams generally seem to be authentic but once you pick up a call you become a focused target and will have a higher chance of being exploited.

This can happen if you remove your name from any call list. Small businesses suffer greatly as spam calls can drag revenue down. All automated calls will end up clogging your lines and this will make you scarcely available to customers.

Once your number has been compromised you will have to change it. If the number is on promotional materials this could be a serious problem for your business. If you wish to counter this you can use an automated attendant. The robocall will now reach a voice menu and be stuck there until its time runs out.

Cloud phone systems that are used by Omni will allow you to specifically tailor each and every parameter of your business number. You can set up black lists as well and choose to automatically drop certain calls.

You can use multiple inbound lines so customers can always get through to you if there is an issue with one of the numbers. This is the main benefit of Omni’s cloud phone systems.

4. You become bound to the number forever

While your personal number might be something you are nostalgic about and hesitant to let go of you need to note that your office number or business phone number is a huge part of your professional life. Certain aspects of your life may have you dependent on a single number - such as online banking authentication or digital currency services.

These types of things make it hard for you to change your number. This means you need a second number for sure. Once you have a business phone number it stays with you forever and you can keep your personal number as well!

5. Limited communication

If you’re satisfied with using just ‘any’ phone number for your business then note that you are falling into a big trap. When the time comes to start increasing your call-processing capacities you will find it hard if you’re using a personal phone number for business.

If your business has been on the rise and you’ve been using the number for campaigns then you are going to be in serious trouble if you decide to change it well into the maturity of the business. Imagine a customer calling your old number (the one you used initially for advertisement) and finding it to be down permanently.

That’s quite off putting. Unless the person has to reach you for an emergency they might not ever call you back. This is a huge loss in terms of customer retention.

This is why you need an office number that operates on a cloud phone system. Omni offers cheap plans with the features you need. You will only pay for your requirements. Omni’s services ensure you are always open to communication.

6. Controlling employee-customer interaction is difficult

If all your employees are using personal numbers when talking to customers then you are undoubtedly throwing control of your business out the window. You have to be aware of each and everything that takes places in your business right from sales to logistics and customer service.

How are you going to find out if your employee misbehaved with a customer over a call? No matter how much we trust those we work with or those who work for us, it is always important to pay attention to every single detail.

You don’t want bad reviews online and customers calling out your business over something an employee might have said over a private phone line that you have no control over. With Omni’s call recording services you can monitor each and every call made to your company. You can also track call statistics.

7. Disrupted work-life balance

If you’re going to use your personal number for work then you will often get calls on waiting that have nothing to do with work while you’re on a call with a client. Perhaps a friend of family member is ringing you constantly to discuss your weekend plans but you’re on a call with an important client and trying to make a deal.

Being interrupted will change your demeanor and tone. You don’t want to have this happen too often.

This could also happen the other way around. There could be a family emergency and a client might keep calling your line. They will be ticked off if you aren’t going to get back to them right away and your family is obviously going to look at you differently if you don’t prioritise a drastic situation.

For this, Omni provides call forwarding systems that route calls back to your other lines or employees. You can set the system up to forward calls to you only during business hours. The calls can later be transferred to voicemail. But you can set up a VIP list for important clients.

Once you start using a second phone number you will find that it isn’t that complicated after all. In fact, your work life and personal life will be much more organised. You will never miss a call again from a customer when you use a service like Omni. Everything is tracked and recorded for your convenience.

Omni uses a virtual PABX system. The benefit of a virtual PABX system is that the cost of installation or equipment is reduced or eliminated. Multiple offices can be linked across all locations. There are several other benefits as well.

The best part about working with Omni is that they have no particular activation, hardware or setup needed. You just need a smartphone to get your business running as professionally as possible.

Learn more about Omni and sign up here.