4 Easy Ways to Increase Customer Calls to Your Omni Hotline

May 6, 2021
Michelle Chin

Signing up for an Omni Hotline number is the first step in attracting customer calls, but you shouldn’t stop there. Take a moment to review your company’s calling strategy, making sure you’re open to customer calls as well as proactively reaching out to prospects. There are a variety of ways to encourage your clients to get in touch. Learn how to build relationships, solve problems, and encourage conversion by driving customers to call your Omni Hotline.

Be Easy to Find

Your Omni Hotline number is your business’s primary touchpoint for calls. Make sure you’re easy to find by listing your Omni number across your online presence. Your landline should be easy to find on your website. Considering creating a Contact Us page to prominently display in your website’s header, footer, and navigation bar. This Contact Us page can include your phone number along with your other communication channels. 

List your Omni Hotline number on your other digital materials as well. Include it in your social media profiles, email messages,Google My Business listings, and paid advertisements to make sure you’re easy to find. Don’t forget about physical and traditional collateral. Be sure to update your business cards, direct mailers, signage, and other publications to include your new number.

Use Call-To-Actions

A call-to-action or CTA is what you hope a lead will do upon seeing your message. Common CTAs include “Click Here,”“Buy Now,”and “Visit Us.”You can use a call-to-action to encourage your customers to call your Omni Hotline number. 

Include a phone-related CTA in your marketing copy to support your calling strategy. You can add these suggestions to social media ads as well as organic, unpaid posts. Website copy, email newsletters, banner ads, and other digital content are all perfect for a call-to-action. Include these calls in your packing slips, catalogues, billboards and other print materials as well. 

Optimise Your Webpage 

Make it easy for web visitors to speak with you by optimising your website with a click-to-call button. You can use basic HTML to create a call button. The process is easy, similar to linking to a website.When a mobile user clicks on this call link or button, their smartphone will automatically call your Omni Hotline number. 

By adding a click-to-call button, you make it simple for customers to contact you with their questions. An additional perk is that you can use your web analytics to track the specific channels customers are using to call you. This data helps you to streamline and further enhance your communications plan.

Focus on The Customer Experience

Ideally, your customers should find talking to your company to be as easy and enjoyable as finding your Omni Hotline number.Complete the cycle by focusing on the full customer experience. Audit your existing call policy and procedures with the customer’s point of view in mind. You should aim to elevate every caller’s experience, giving them a pleasant conversation that creates positive memories. Invest in training your customer service and sales team so customers have a good impression and look forward to contacting you in the future.

Enhance Your Offerings with Omni Hotline

Your Omni Hotline business number is an efficient, professional tool that can enhance your reputation and success. With some simple strategies, you can make it easy for customers to get in touch. Make the most of your communications plan, drive conversions, and increase customer satisfaction by encouraging calls to your Omni Hotline number.