How To Keep Your TM Businessline Number But Use Omni Hotline Features

Aug 5, 2021
Harris Malik

A Phone system is crucial for your business as it is one of the many ways customers communicate with you. Omni Hotline call forwarding feature allows you to route incoming calls from your TM Businessline back to other lines or employees, connecting customers correctly.

Here are some reasons on how this call forwarding feature could benefit your business:

1. Maintain Availability

As working remotely is more widely adopted than ever before, call forwarding helps to maintain your business availability. Important incoming calls can be answered even when nobody is physically present at the office.

2. Increase Flexibility and Mobility

If your business requires traveling from time to time, you can forward incoming calls to your employee’s mobile number. Call forwarding facilitates employee mobility without the risk of missing any important calls.

3. Avoid Voicemails

Although voicemails are able to send messages, it might not provide your customers with the confidence of sharing their thoughts or questions. Customers may hesitate to leave voicemails containing private information. With call forwarding, customers are directed to the designated departments and available representatives, facilitating a smoother communication process.

4. Improve Customer Service

Unanswered calls might leave you with a bad first impression. With a smart call routing feature, you can keep in touch with customers any time of the day, let them choose who they wish to speak to, and forward calls to the right department. Not only during business hours, but you can also inform your customers on when to call again if they reach out after business hours. Call forwarding helps create a rich relationship between your business and customers.

Call Forwarding with Omni Hotline for TM Businessline Number

You can get all of the benefits from the call forwarding feature when signing up with Omni Hotline. However, If you already have a TM fixed line solution and wish not to change your business number, it is now possible to get the flexibility of Omni Hotline while keeping your TM Businessline by paying an activation fee at only RM 1.50 per month. The RM1.50 activation fee will be charged to your TM Businessline number for every month that you intend to use the transfer feature.

Here are the simple steps you can take to forward your TM Businessline calls to Omni Hotline:

1. Pick up your TM Businessline phone and press *21*.
2. Key in the Omni Hotline number to transfer your calls to, followed by a # at the end.
To deactivate press #21# and your calls will ring on your TM Businessline again.

Switch to Omni Hotline

Forwarding calls from TM Businessline to Omni Hotline has now been made possible. However, forwarding calls from TM to your Omni Hotline number counts as an outgoing call from TM. Therefore, you will still be charged by TM based on your current plan.

Unlike TM Businessline, Omni Hotline offers a similar business landline system but on your smartphone. Omni Hotline provides useful features including Phone Extensions, Interactive Virtual Receptionists, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Business SMS, and more at a minimal cost.

You can subscribe to Omni Hotline starting from only RM69 a month with no installation fee, no deposit, and no upfront nor hidden fees involved. Get the best solution at a fraction of a cost with Omni Hotline!

Below is the comparison between the most basic plan for both businesses:

Tm Businessline Vs Omni Hotline Comparison

You can read more on the comparison between Omni Hotline and TM Businessline here.

If you are considering switching completely from TM Businessline to Omni Hotline, we have made the process hassle-free for you. You can simply create an Interactive Virtual Receptionist on Omni Hotline, letting your customers know about your new business hotline number for at least a month before fully switching to Omni Hotline.

To read more or sign up for Omni Hotline, click here.

If you are having trouble deciding, do drop us a message here and one of our experts will get back to you very soon.