5 Steps You Can Take To Deliver Great Customer Service During A Pandemic

Aug 5, 2021
Harris Malik

Around the world, Covid-19 has had a negative impact on businesses. From closures that impeded business operations to layoffs that prevented consumers from spending, the pandemic has thrown a wrench into economies around the world. During these troubled times, consumers are looking for guidance and conveniences from brands they appreciate. Businesses can and should prioritise customer service if they wish to survive the pandemic.

Already, tales of poor customer service are taking over the Internet. From ticket companies that have refused to give refunds to service-based businesses that don’t implement safety techniques, many businesses are committing major faux pas when it comes to their customers. As today’s consumers are cautious and nervous, by emphasising customer service, businesses can set themselves apart from their competitors.

1. Support Your Team’s Efforts

One major problem for customer service is that call centres have had to shift form. While customers are used to calling, many reps are now working remotely, which means that they aren’t benefiting from the support of floor managers. Many reps also feel bound by company policies that don’t accommodate these unusual circumstances. It’s a recipe for poor customer service and therefore lost sales.

2. Expand Your Customer Service Team’s Resources

Businesses can improve their customer service by changing how call centre reps deliver their service. By using cloud-based collaboration tools and virtual intermittent coaching, managers can ensure that reps have the resources they need to meet customers’ needs. Businesses may also consider outsourcing service to specialists who can streamline the process. For example, virtual assistant services can help field incoming calls and send the customer to the right representative.

3. Be Honest and Authentic

These are hard times for many consumers, and a key part of customer service is to support your customers. Avoid the temptation to oversell support or promise miracles: customers have been burned by companies who can’t live up to their claims. Instead, be honest about what you can and can’t offer. Alert customers to any delays or cancellations that affect them.

4. Aim for Convenience

The last thing that any consumer wants to do is jump through hoops, and during a pandemic, they’ll immediately reject any business that makes them do so. Try to streamline your operations and customer service as much as possible. You can revamp your phone system to answer commonly asked questions and also look into ways to allow easy order updates and cancellations for your customers.

5. Embrace Generosity

Now is not the time to boost your profits. Consumers can sniff this out easily, and they won’t take kindly to it. Offer discounted services, products, and content, and consider offering free trials to customers who would enjoy them. You also must reevaluate any company policies that might seem inappropriate or cumbersome during these troublesome times.


Providing great customer service during Covid-19 will involve some changes to your business, but these changes are well worth it if you can improve your brand’s reputation and show your customers you care. You also need to support your team and get them the resources they need to accommodate increased demand for customer service.

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