Why Using Voicemail For Sales Isn't Dead, Even In 2021

Aug 5, 2021
Harris Malik

With the increasing use of the Internet on a global scale, voicemail has become obsolete as users opt for e-mail, instant messaging, voice messages, and other types of internet-based communications. But the truth is, voicemail still offers reliable business communication solutions. Read more to find what essential benefits this old technology can bring to your business in 2021!  

1. Convenience 

Voicemail gives the convenience for your business to receive messages from customers or leave messages for business prospects without having to be present at the office. With the advancement of virtual business landlines, your business can receive and send voicemails from any location as long as you’re connected to the internet. 

You can include your company information on voicemail messages if you’re planning to be away, for example during holiday seasons. Furthermore, you can give callers options to get back to you through other communication channels or to get in touch with your company on a certain return date. At the same time, voicemail also provides you more time to prepare when replying to a prospect’s queries.

With detailed information on the caller’s need, your business representative has enough time to think through the perfect responses. 

2. Business Efficiency 

Voicemail helps business communication to become more efficient as it saves the prospect’s time on trying to reach your company. The prospect can directly leave their message to you through the voicemail feature on your virtual phone system. Voicemail is also beneficial if your company receives a significant amount of incoming calls every day as it allows you to screen calls based on their priority. With this, you can avoid putting prospects on hold as they will be directed to leave voice messages instantly. 

There are times when you are unable to reach a business prospect. Although the current technology allows caller ID to be shown, a business prospect might not know enough information about your company to give you a swift call back.

You can leave your prospect a voicemail right after a missed call so that prospects have a better idea of who gave them calls and leave a sense of urgency. With this, your prospects are able to prioritise your business as they can see the significance of your company and the importance of your message through the voicemail you leave them.

Voicemail can help to better productivity and provide more efficient business performance which in return will result in better customer satisfaction. 

3. Prevent Missed Communication

Communication with customers or business prospects is essential in any business. At times when your company might be busy dealing with other things, your customer or business prospect might reach out to you via call.

Not being able to pick up a prospect’s incoming call might hurt your business as you lose the opportunity to close new deals. It may trouble your business prospect to find another way of contacting you once the call is left unanswered. Hence, voicemail plays an important role for potential prospects to express their interest in your business. Voicemail lets you know which callers that you need to respond to immediately. 

With voicemail, a business prospect can leave detailed information regarding their queries to your company. Voicemail allows them to communicate with you as if the call was picked by your representative. This way, although you fail to answer incoming calls, the opportunity to connect and answer back to your business prospects will not be missed.

Without voicemail, detailed information from prospects might be missed and distorted. This results in further missed communication, or worse, lost sales. 

Utilise Voicemail For Your Sales Calls

In conclusion, there is no one communication system that works for all situations. Voicemail works as one of the communication methods that helps businesses perform excellent communication flow along with e-mails, phone calls, and others.   

With Omni Hotline, the virtual office landline system can help companies can boost business communication with voicemail as all incoming voicemail messages are stored in the voicemail history dashboard. This allows you to replay any voicemail messages you have received, including callers, recipients, date, time, and the duration of voicemails. You can also download voicemail messages in MP3 format.

Moreover, voicemail messages can be transcribed into text automatically, allowing you to review them better. Want to improve your business communications?

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