6 Reasons Why You Need WhatsApp for Business

Sep 3, 2021
Nahulan Sreethararaj

WhatsApp is ostensibly a messaging app for friends, but has great potential as a marketing and customer service tool. First of all, as more than 2 billion users are on it already, your audience is likely already on WhatsApp, so it’s a great way to reach them on an app they’re used to using. Second, it offers some automated features that can facilitate your conversations with your customers. Just sign up with your business cell or landline and enjoy easy messaging!

Here are six reasons why you need WhatsApp Business.

1. It’s flexible.

While WhatsApp is a mobile app, you can also access the portal via your web browser, so you can handle customer chats right there from your work computer. You can label and sort contacts according to where they are in your sales funnel, or any other criterion you choose.

2. It’s automated.

You can set custom greetings and away messages, as well as quick replies, which makes WhatsApp a convenient customer service tool. Plus, you can instantly connect with all your contacts by sending out a “broadcast” with important updates or news.

3. It provides and incorporates data.

You can get snapshots of the number of messages sent and read in order to get a good picture of how many people you’re reaching — and how much money you’re saving — by using WhatsApp. Plus, you can personalize messages based on the customer’s previous orders, location, or other factors.

4. It’s legitimate.

Your users must opt-in to receive messages through WhatsApp Business, so you don’t have to worry about bothering people through cold calls or emails. Your users will know who you are and be less likely to ignore your communications or mark them as spam. Plus, you can get a verified badge so that your audience knows it’s your business they’re talking to.

5. It’s relatable.

Your audience likes to feel like someone is having a conversation with them rather than sending them “company-line” communications. By engaging with your customers on a casual level through WhatsApp, you can build trust and help them feel more comfortable with your brand.

6. It gives customers what they want.

Customers increasingly prefer to message businesses rather than sending emails or filling out forms, and no one wants to wait on hold on anymore. WhatsApp provides an easy, seamless solution for instantly responding to customers and addressing their concerns. WhatsApp is flexible enough to allow any sort of communication between a business and their customers, whether it’s shipping updates, refund policies, or product inquiries!

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp is a great tool to fill in your gaps for customer service and support messaging — and may even end up replacing your existing tools! Customers will love being able to get quick responses and help for whatever issue they encounter, and you’ll find yourself spending less time fighting with phone systems or email. WhatsApp is a convenient, affordable solution for easily communicating with your audience, while saving time through its automation and data-gathering functionalities.