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Simple but powerful

All-in-one solution for you all your business phone needs.

Core Omni features

Simplifying and amplifying business phone calls.

Local office number

Our wide range of landline numbers include 03, 04, 05 and other prefixes

Customisable call menu

Menu options (eg: press 1 for sales) help serve your customers efficiently

Call recording

Record your calls on-demand and download them for reference

Intelligent call routing

Transfer incoming calls to your colleagues when you are busy

Business SMS

Send and receive business text messages from your landline number

Create multi-extensions

Easily add up to 10 numbers per extension*!

A treasure trove of more amazing features...

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Omni inbound call management screenshot

Managing all inbound calls

Omni manages your calls from the moment a customer calls to the moment you close the deal

  • Make & receive calls

    Make and receive calls through a landline number on your smartphone.

  • Custom greetings

    Create customised greetings for your callers and establish a personal connection with them.

  • Advanced call forwarding

    #TopTip Configure calls to ring multiple extensions simultaneously so no calls are ever missed!

  • Call recording

    Record calls to be reviewed later or for training purposes. Audio files can be accessed and downloaded via dashboard.

Advanced call automation

Omni has state-of-the-art features that would have costed you thousands

Omni dashboard screenshot
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Scalable & adaptible

Omni caters for companies of all sizes and needs

  • Multilingual capabilities

    Use any language to create your custom greeting and menu messages. Communicate with your audience in the medium of your choice.

  • Sub-accounts for your team

    Empower your team by allowing them to configure their settings and manage their calls through their own dashboard access.

  • 50 smartphones per extension

    Simply add/remove extensions and connected smartphones based on the current needs of your business. It's very easy!

  • Caller screening & filtering

    Configure how your inbound calls are managed. Screen your callers before they connect to you with simple in-app controls.

Only requires your existing smartphone!
No hardware required!
No cable works or renovation!
No lock-in period or contracts
Easy monthly payments
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Go ahead! You can cancel anytime.
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Awesome features.
Great value.

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