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Core Omni benefits

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Office Phone System
on Smartphones

All your business phone needs in an app.

Core Omni benefits

Simplifying and amplifying business phone calls

First impressions matter

Our wide range of landline prefixes (03, 04, 05, 088 etc.) helps you appear professional while being on the go

Reach the right people

Serve your customers efficiently through your customised Call Menu (Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support)

Keeping records

Your entire call activity is readily accessible in the dashboard for tracking and reviewing

Never miss another call

Have your calls forwarded from your Omni app to your mobile number as a backup to ensure all calls are answered

Personalise Virtual Greetings

Create customised greetings, using either our text-to-voice technology or a voice recording

Empower your teams

Now every employee can have their dedicated extension number, all coming from a singular, unified landline number

A treasure trove of more amazing benefits...

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Fully managed inbound calls

Omni manages your calls from the moment a customer calls to the moment you close the deal

  • Make & receive calls

    All landline calls are accessible on your smartphones so you can always be on the go.

  • Personalise virtual greetings

    Customised greetings, using either our text-to-voice technology or a voice recording. You can even set up a specific greeting for after office hours.

  • Advanced call forwarding

    Busy? Don't worry. Calls can easily be configured to ring multiple extensions or mobile numbers simultaneously so your colleagues can also answer your calls.

  • Record and review

    Record calls to be reviewed later whether for training or reference purposes. Audio files are stored and can be easily downloaded whenever, wherever.

Call automation that is out of this world!

State-of-the-art features at an affordable monthly subscription

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Size doesn't matter

Whether you are a company of 2 or 200, Omni can cater for your needs

Only requires your existing smartphone!
No hardware required!
No cable works or renovation!
No lock-in period or contracts
Easy monthly payments
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Go ahead! You can cancel anytime.
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From just
a month

Awesome Benefits.
Cool Features.
Great value.

What are you still waiting for? Power your business with Omni now!