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Press Release

June 16, 2020

TheLorry Selects Digi’s Omni Hotline as its Preferred Remote Office Phone System

SUBANG JAYA, 16 JUNE 2020 – Today, Digi announced that TheLorry has selected Omni Hotline as its preferred virtual landline provider, enabling effective and unified communications between its employees and stakeholders.

TheLorry, a homegrown logistics platform, will be using Omni Hotline to power their business landline, allowing employees to better communicate with customers, drivers and partners. With this move to Omni Hotline, TheLorry has migrated from using a live chat tool and calls via personal mobile numbers, which presented many challenges.

While TheLorry has considered adopting a traditional office landline or a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system, those options were not ideal because of high costs and complex setup. Omni Hotline’s on-demand, cloud-based system offers a simple setup with no hardware installation, thus giving TheLorry the chance to easily manage the increase in calls made and received by their customer service team in any location.

TheLorry intends to create a personalised experience for every customer dialing into the hotline with Omni Hotline’s Interactive Virtual Receptionist (IVR). This will help TheLorry provide a personal touch in redirecting customers to the right department, reducing their wait time, leading to quicker responses and resolution to customer enquiries. With better visibility of ‘missed call’ logs through the Call Activity Dashboard, employees can also make callbacks during working hours. The insights gained enables TheLorry to better track employee KPIs around customer satisfaction, retention and operational efficiency, which contributes to improvements in employee performance.

“TheLorry took into consideration the best interests of our company, employees and clients before deciding on a virtual landline solution. We believe that adopting Omni Hotline will empower our employees, which in turn will help boost their overall morale and productivity. In short, Omni Hotline is the solution that helps contribute to improvements in our company's bottom line and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction at all times,” said Nadhir Ashafiq, Co-Founder & Executive Director, TheLorry.

“TheLorry has built itself up as a household brand for Malaysians searching for fuss-free logistics solutions, for both consumers and businesses. With Omni Hotline, TheLorry is equipped with the right infrastructure to provide reliable customer experience at scale especially with the increased demand during this pandemic,” said Kathryn Lee, Head of Products at Digi-X, Digi’s venture building division.

For more information or to sign up for Omni Hotline, visit https://omnihotline.my/.