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Rethinking office landlines

Make, receive and manage your calls with a virtual receptionist, through a landline number without any office deskphones.

Getting an office landline can be a lot of work

The conventional way of setting it up is way too troublesome and complex.
Stack of cash to show expensive setup for offices without Omni

High setup cost

Security deposit, setup cost, line rental, installation charges, wiring charges, maintenance fee... The list goes on.

Hardware contained in box for offices without Omni

Requires hardware

Includes but not limited to purchasing deskphones, cabling, headsets and additional costs for upgrades or add-ons.

Phone without portability if it isn't powered by Omni

Not portable

A traditional deskphone is bound to a table, which means that business stops the moment you step out from the office.

Isometric office crowd not utilizing Omni in their office environment
No analytics tools when businesses are not using Omni

No way to monitor

Unless you are using expensive hardware, you are probably not able to see the calls you received and what those calls are for.

Lots of cable required when businesses are not using Omni

Complex cabling

As your team grows, you will need more deskphones, which means more cables, and this can get very messy.

Without Omni, redeployability is difficult

No re-deployability

Moving your office? You will have to repeat this entire process and probably lose your existing landline number.

Smartphone installed with Omni connecting two office staff

Omni makes getting landline numbers easy & affordable

Simply pick a number of your choice, pay for your first subscription and download the Omni app.

Only 3 steps to get started with Omni!

Omni gives your team great flexibility

Absolutely no hardware involved. All calls to your landline number are routed to the designated mobile phones.

Smartphone installed with Omni connecting the entire team
Showcase of fixed line numbers offered

Pick a business phone number of your choice

Getting a landline number has never been easier! Get started in seconds with no contracts and no commitment.

Virtual receptionists

Answer calls instantly with custom greetings and menu

Multiple extensions

Get up to 20 extensions per landline number

Custom call greetings

Use text to speech or pre-recorded messages

Record calls

Record calls from customers as training material

Send business SMS

Deliver SMSes from your landline number

Incoming call routing

Route calls to any of your business personnel

Customisable call menu

Organize your call menu the you want it

Voicemail to text

Automatically transcribes your voicemail to text

03, 04, 05, 07 and more

Multiple Malaysian landline number prefixes available
From just
a month

Super affordable. No contracts. No nonsense.

No hardware to setup and no lock-in period. All you need to do is sign up for a plan and download the Omni app!