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Press Announcement

April 2, 2021

FRIO Malaysia Selects Digi’s Omni Hotline as its Preferred Virtual Office Phone System

SUBANG JAYA, 2 APRIL 2021 - Today, Digi announced that FRIO Malaysia has selected Omni Hotline as its preferred virtual office phone system provider. This is in line with their plans to create a centralised and scalable phone communication system for their growing team to operate efficiently, especially when working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

FRIO Malaysia will be using Omni Hotline to empower their growing team. On top of using emails to communicate with their customers, they can now provide an immediate response to customer inquiries through a unified, virtual landline number with Omni Hotline. With Omni Hotline, support representatives can now communicate with customers more professionally, effectively, and efficiently.

"Omni Hotline has given our team the freedom to be on the move while staying in touch with our customers and service providers. Our clients are happy to be able to connect to us anytime, anywhere for a quick response and up-to-date reports on the movement of their cargo. It has been a leap forward in our vision to provide reliable logistics services," said Sanjay Thaker, Founder and Business Development Lead at FRIO Malaysia.

“As we continue to handle an increasing number of clients from the pharmaceutical industry in importing, exporting, storing, and distributing test kits and vaccines, Omni Hotline has given us an advantage in speedy reporting and prioritizing calls for live updates of the shipment status,” added Clement Koay, Founder and Cross-Border Operations Lead at FRIO Malaysia.

Before, a dedicated representative from the team had to pick up each call and direct the customer to call a different number to be connected to the right representative. With Omni Hotline, calls are directed to the right representative and they can answer customer calls on their own mobile phones while working remotely.

“FRIO Malaysia is in the cold chain logistics business where the industry is seeing a surge in demand, especially during the pandemic. With Omni Hotline, FRIO Malaysia is equipped with the right infrastructure to provide reliable customer service at scale especially with the increased demand in logistics during the pandemic,” said Sabrina Tee, Product Lead at Digi-X.

Omni Hotline’s all-in-one flexible phone system has also simplified operations for the team when handling inbound and outbound calls. FRIO Malaysia’s team uses the Interactive Virtual Receptionist to route the calls to the right personnel from different departments. This ensures customers are able to speak to the correct person at their first attempt, reducing the need for callbacks and holding time, hence improving customer satisfaction. 

Combined with the after office hours voicemail feature, FRIO Malaysia has been able to close more sales too. Customer inquiries coming after hours can be recorded, automatically transcribed into text, and sent via an email to the FRIO Malaysia team to follow up. This can help avoid miscommunication and speed up resolution time for customer inquiries through a centralised communication channel.