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Press Announcement

November 20, 2020

RacunTech Selects Digi’s Omni Hotline as its Preferred Flexible Business Phone System

SUBANG JAYA, 18 OCTOBER 2020 - Today, Digi announced that RacunTech has selected Omni Hotline as its preferred flexible business phone system provider. This is in line with their plans to consolidate communications across departments effectively into a unified system by providing a professional landline number to their customers.  

RacunTech will be using Omni Hotline to power their teams in different departments, including customer service, sales, logistics, after-sales service, and warranty. Omni Hotline will help the teams to communicate professionally with customers more effectively and efficiently. RacunTech has now switched from using numerous mobile numbers for each department to a single, virtual landline number with Omni Hotline. With the new business hotline, customers are no longer confused by the multiple numbers and can now be accurately directed to the specific departments they wish to speak to. 

Omni Hotline’s simple all-in-one phone system has also simplified operations for the team in handling inbound and outbound calls for the multiple departments in RacunTech. RacunTech wants to use Omni Hotline’s Interactive Virtual Receptionist (IVR) to redirect customers dialling into the hotline. With this, the RacunTech team can reduce missed calls, avoid miscommunication with customers, resolve customers’ inquiries correctly through a centralised communications channel.

The IVR feature will also help RacunTech greet customers with a personal touch and subsequently help redirect them to the right personnel. With this feature, it enables RacunTech to reduce customer wait times and improve customer satisfaction. RacunTech also wants to use the ‘ring simultaneously’ capabilities of the extensions feature within Omni Hotline. This works by ringing all relevant employees’ phones when a customer calls the hotline, encouraging them to attend to customers swiftly. Faster responses to customer inquiries and complaints are now possible with Omni Hotline, which is essential for RacunTech to provide the best-in-class customer service. 

“Before this, it was impossible for our customers to memorise all of our numbers for the multiple departments that we have. Omni Hotline has helped RacunTech customers to get connected to our teams by using only one number”, said Zharif, Co-Founder of RacunTech.

“RacunTech has built itself up as a household brand for Malaysians looking for the best custom made gaming PCs and gaming hardware solutions. With Omni Hotline, RacunTech is equipped with the right infrastructure to provide reliable customer experience at scale especially with the increased demand in gaming peripherals during this pandemic,” said Harris Malik, Product Lead at Omni Hotline.

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