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ROSE Foundation

Omni Powers ROSE Foundation, Cervical Cancer Screening NPO

ROSE Foundation is the world’s first self-sampling screening programme for cervical cancer. In Malaysia, cervical cancer is the third most common cancer among Malaysian women. However the non-profit organisation faced their own challenges in terms of cost and efficiency when it came to connecting with their patients and clients whilst on the go.

Before Omni

The company struggled with these major pain points

  1. Unorganised Calling System The ROSE Foundation staff relied on using separate phones and mobile numbers which was difficult to manage as patients had to call several different numbers to get the assistance that they required from the right representative.
  2. Costly and Inefficient Communication Using separate phones and mobile numbers were costly as ROSE Foundation had to maintain multiple lines every month. Furthermore, calls that happened out of office hours weren't received and recorded.

After Omni

Omni came in with a whole suite of solutions

  1. Interactive Virtual Receptionist ROSE Foundation is now able to manage calls with the Interactive Virtual Receptionist (IVR) and automate call routing for its patient support representatives who can now use a single dedicated virtual office number to help patients.
  2. Efficient & Remote Calling System The Call Routing feature helps to provide better patient services especially after regular office hours, where calls can be attended to through voicemails or by routing it to designated representatives outside the office directly on their mobile phones.
  3. Affordable Solution Without the need to maintain multiple phone lines, ROSE Foundation only needs to maintain one virtual landline number which helps contribute to improvements in the NPO's bottom line and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.
  4. Streamlined Operations The flexibility of Omni Hotline helps the organisation to reach out to more people, while consolidating all their telecommunications into a single easy-to-use system.

In The End

With Omni Hotline, ROSE Foundation was able to streamline its operations while widening their reach. Furthermore, Omni Hotline's general hotline capabilities provided ROSE Foundation efficiency and credibility that comes with an official business landline number. Now with Omni Hotline, ROSE Foundation has the ability to address enquiries in private over the phone, eliminating the fear and embarrassment with typical screening activities at clinics.

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