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RacunTech Goes Digital with Omni Hotline

RacunTech is one of the fastest-growing PC gaming builder companies in Malaysia, committed to providing the best custom computer for every gamers’ needs. However, RacunTech faced challenges in using multiple numbers that link to various departments, leaving customers confused.

Before Omni

The company struggled with these major pain points

  1. Unorganised Calling System RacunTech's customers were unable to memorise all the numbers used to connect to multiple departments available within the team.
  2. Inefficient Communication Using multiple numbers was troublesome for RacunTech, as it resulted in miscommunication with customers and longer wait times.

After Omni

Omni came in with a whole suite of solutions

  1. Organised Calling System Omni Hotline's all-in-one phone system powers RacunTech's team in different departments, including customer service, sales, logistics, after-sales service, and warranty, to handle inbound and outbound calls.
  2. Interactive Virtual Receptionist Omni Hotline’s Interactive Virtual Receptionist (IVR) helps redirect customers to the right department and personnel they wish to speak to with a personalised greeting.
  3. Streamlined Phone System Simultaneous ring feature on Omni Hotline extension encourages RacunTech's team to attend to customers swiftly, providing faster response to inquiries and complaints, which results in a better customer service.

In The End

RacunTech is now equipped with the right infrastructure to provide a reliable customer experience at scale. Omni Hotline has simplified communications across departments effectively into a unified system by providing a professional landline number to RacunTech's customers. With Omni Hotline, customers are no longer confused and can now be accurately directed to the specific departments they wish to speak to.

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