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Omni Powers TheLorry's Customer Service Hotline

With their rapid expansion and growing business, TheLorry was faced with the problem of using personal mobile numbers for communications with customers, and with no business landline system in place, Omni Hotline provided TheLorry with the most effective solution.

Before Omni

The company struggled with these major pain points

  1. Using Personal Mobile Numbers TheLorry had previously used live chat tool and calls via personal mobile numbers, which presented many challenges. While TheLorry has considered adopting a traditional office landline or a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system, those options were not ideal because of high costs and complex setup.
  2. Unscalable & Inflexible Calling As TheLorry expanded rapidly, they experienced more enquiries and calls coming in through their customer service department and couldn't manage all the calls properly without a proper business landline system.

After Omni

Omni came in with a whole suite of solutions

  1. Scalable & Remote Landline Solution Omni Hotline's on-demand cloud-based system which offers a simple setup with no hardware installation, gives TheLorry the chance to easily manage the increase in calls made and received by their customer service team in any location.
  2. Personalised Customer Service TheLorry utilises the Interactive Virtual Receptionist (IVR) feature to provide a personalised experience for every customer dialling into the hotline, providing a personal touch in redirecting customers to the right department.
  3. Efficient Teams Through the insights gained from Omni Hotline's dashboard, it enables TheLorry to better track employee KPIs around customer satisfaction, retention and operational efficiency, which contributes to improvements in employee performance.
  4. Affordable Solution TheLorry has considered adopting a more expensive traditional office landline PBX system but chose Omni Hotline as it helps contribute to improvements in the company's bottom line and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

In The End

Omni Hotline empowers TheLorry's employees, which in turn will help boost their overall morale and productivity. With Omni Hotline, TheLorry is equipped with the right infrastructure to provide reliable customer experience at scale especially with the increased demand during this pandemic. The flexible and affordable remote landline solution also helps contribute to improvements in the company's bottom line and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction at all times.

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