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Omni Sets FITsy’s Customer Service Hotline Into Motion

FITsy operates boutique fitness studios specialising in Aerial, Cardio, and Dance. Surrounded by energetic people and led by amazing instructors, FITsy promises an exciting experience. Together with their Academy, FITsy is a one-stop fitness destination.

Before Omni

The company struggled with these major pain points

  1. Inflexible Call Management FITsy customer enquiries could only be tended to and managed by a single individual at each time due to usage of personal mobile number and messaging apps. This lead to inevitable delays and unsynchronised communication channels.
  2. Customer Service Inability to cater and respond professionally to incoming customer calls with lack of the right tools. FITsy had high concerns in bridging customer service gaps and missed opportunities.

After Omni

Omni came in with a whole suite of solutions

  1. Multi-Extension Call Management With Omni’s seamless setup and effortless transition, managing extensions and activity tracing became easy. FITsy was able to assign an alternate receiver to pick-up a customer call if the first went unanswered. Important data such as missed calls, response times can be monitored for improvement.
  2. Improved Customer Service Using Omni’s multiple fixed lines enabled FITsy employees to handle customer calls professionally with dedicated lines, building stronger trust amongst FITsy’s customer base. Each staff member can act as customer service representatives, improving customer service and reducing the number of unattended missed calls.

In The End

FITsy was able to save time and reduce cost by switching their customer service call system to Omni Hotline’s digitalised, flexible solution. At the same time, FITsy enjoyed the boost in employee productivity and flexibility to scale up the number of lines needed when necessary.

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