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Cake Together

Omni Powers Cake Together Customer Service Hotline

Cake Together was conceived as a hassle-free cake delivery service that brings delicious baked treats straight to your doorstep. However, the one “hassle” faced was its operational mismatch and challenges in handling their own customer call system. With Omni Hotline’s solutions, they were able to overcome these issues while realising significant business improvements.

Before Omni

The company struggled with these major pain points

  1. Unscalable & Inflexible Calling Calls tend to be missed outside business hours with no means of tracking missed calls or customer details. This inflexible system equated many missed opportunities, loss of potential customers and less than satisfactory speed of communication.
  2. Lack of Right Tools Not having a proper business hotline or call management system, Cake Together lacked the right tools to operate at its best potential. Despite having four customer service agents, incoming calls were only limited to a single phone at all times.

After Omni

Omni came in with a whole suite of solutions

  1. Efficient Call Management Cake Together set their respective business hours to redirect callers to voicemail past working hours. The usage of itemised call logs enabled staff to make callbacks at their soonest availability. Cake Together could also track their business operational efficiency from the dashboard and make vast improvements from their call data.
  2. Improved Customer Service Customers were redirected to the right departments or available customer agents to rapidly expedite their orders or needs. Using the Call Menu feature, Cake Together customer agents were more prepared to understand the nature of the incoming call and serve customers better with their respective smartphones.

In The End

Omni provided the right tools for Cake Together to build better and more receptive customer service and to realise Cake Together’s goal to improve business operations. With Omni’s virtual hotline solution, customer service agents were able to receive calls and reduce the rate of missed calls or untracked customer details.

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