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GoGet Increases Efficiency With Omni Hotline

Faced with the problem of using multiple personal mobile numbers for communications with customers and with no dedicated business landline system in place, Omni Hotline provided GoGet with the most effective solution.

Before Omni

The company struggled with these major pain points

  1. Using Multiple Personal Mobile Numbers Using multiple personal mobile numbers not only costs extra for maintaining multiple plans but it also confuses customers on which number to call for the right representative.
  2. Unscalable & Not Flexible Phone System As the team was forced to work remotely due to the pandemic and due to the on-demand nature of their business, it was not viable to keep using multiple phone numbers as they couldn't manage all the calls properly without a proper business landline system.

After Omni

Omni came in with a whole suite of solutions

  1. Personalised & Professional Customer Service Using the Interactive Virtual Receptionist (IVR), GoGet can provide a personal touch in greeting and redirecting customers to the right department and representative.
  2. Centralised Remote Phone System With one virtual landline numberthe teams within the same departments are now grouped and easily reached through the Extension feature, ensuring that communications between the internal teams and external customers are seamless.

In The End

Omni Hotline has helped GoGet to reduce their customer call wait time as well as provide quicker responses and resolution to customer enquiries, which has helped their overall customer satisfaction.

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